Mission and Values

Hi there!

After observing all of the trash our school cafeteria system produced every day, and after realizing that it is our generation’s responsibility to clean up the Earth, we decided to found greenteen.

Our mission is to make composting accessible to students all across the United States, and to inspire youth to become more conscious of the amount of garbage they produce. We want to make it easier for youth to work towards and strive for a waste-free lifestyle. By serving teens, we hope to influence and create habits that they will take with them through their adulthood, and then teach to their own children.

We realize waste-free can be daunting, which is why we emphasize equity. We believe it is essential for everyone, no matter your age, to start reducing your waste where you are, and not to feel pressure to be perfect. We know life can get in the way of your zero-waste dreams, so if you accidentally slip up, don’t be discouraged.

Our goal is to create an expansive, inclusive community of students from all walks of life,  all dedicated to caring for our planet.